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⦁ Description
99-T8000-BU Blue Lens
99-T8000-C Clear Lens
99-T8000-CAF Clear Lens (Anti-Fog)
99-T8000-G Grey Lens
⦁ Meets ANSI Z87.1 High Impact Requirement
⦁ Anti Scratch
⦁ 99.9% UV Protection

⦁ Description
99-T8100-A Amber
99-T8100-C Clear
99-T8100-G Grey
99-T8100-CAF Clear (Anti-Fog) 
99-T8100-IO Clear Lens (Indoor/ Outdoor)
99-T8100-IRS Infrared ( Green IR5 Lens) 


99-T8200-A Amber Lens

99-T8200-BM Blue Mirror Lens
99-T8200-BU Blue Lens
99-T8200-C Clear Lens
99-T8200-CAF Clear Lens ( Anti-Fog)
99-T8200-G Grey Lens
99-T8200-IO Clear Lens (Indoor / Outdoor)
99-T8200-IR3 Infrared with IR3 Lens
99-T8200-IR5 Infrared with IR5 Lens
99-T8200-PK-C Clear Lens (Pink Temple)
99-T8200-SM Silver Mirror Lens
99-T8200-M Mocha Lens
99-T8200-CBF Clear Bifocal Lens (Available Power + 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0)

⦁ Meets ANSI Z89.1 High Impact Requirement
⦁ Anti Scratch
⦁ 99.9% UV Protection

⦁ Description
99-T8300-C Clear
99-T8300-CAF Clear (Anti-Fog)
99-T8300-G Grey

⦁ Description
99-T8400-C Clear Lens
99-T8400-CAF Clear Lens ( Anti-Fog)
99-T8400-G Grey Lens
99-T8400-IO Clear Lens (Indoor & Outdoor)
99-T8400-SM Silver Mirror Lens

99-T8500-A Amber
99-T8500-BM Blue Mirror
99-T8500-C Clear
99-T8500-CAF Clear (Anti-Fog)
99-T8500-G Grey
99-T8500-SM Silver Mirror

⦁ Description
99-T8700-C Clear
99-T8700-CAF Clear (Anti-Fog)
99-T8700-G Grey

⦁ Description
99-T8800-A Amber
99-T8800-BM Blue Mirror
99-T8800-BU Blue
99-T8800-C Clear
99-T8800-CAF Clear (Anti-Fog)
99-T8800-G Grey
99-T8800-IO Clean Lens ( Indoor / Outdoor)

⦁ Description
99-T8600-C Clear
99-T8600-CAF Clear (Anti-Fog)
99-T8600-G Grey


⦁ Description
99-T8900-C Clear Lens
99-T8900-CAF Clean Lens (Anti-Fog)
99-T8900-G Grey Lens

⦁ Description
99-T9000-C Clear Lens
99-T9000-G Grey Lens

99-T9100-BM Blue Mirror Lens
99-T9100-C Clear Lens
99-T9100-CAF Clear Lens (Anti-Fog)
99-T9100-G Grey Lens
99-T9100-IO Clear Lens ( Indoor/Outdoor)
99-T9100-M Mocha Lens

99-T9200HV-C Clear Lens
99-T9200HV-CAF Clear Lens (Anti-Fog) 
99-T9200HV-G Grey Lens
99-T9200HV-BM Blue Mirror
99-T9200HV-SM Silver Mirror

99-T9300BK-C Clear
99-T9300BK-CAF Clear Lens (Anti-Fog)
99-T9300BK-G Grey Lens

99-T9300R-C Clear Lens
99-T9300R-CAF Clear Lens (Anti-Fog)
99-T9300R-G Grey Lens

99-T9400-C Clear Lens
99-T9400-CAF Clear Lens (Anti-Fog)
99-T9400-G Grey Lens
99-T9400-IO Indoor / Outdoor Lens
99-T9400-SM Silver Mirror Lens


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